10 June 2010

My latest project

Last night, I embarked on my latest project, teaching a class on The Constitution to a group of home school students. What I was presented with was a group of intellectually adept students (and some of their parents) that asked intelligent questions and approached the subject matter with an open and critical mind. We never got past definitions of terms like liberty and forms of government, yet the inaugural class lasted 2.5 hours. These kids are the hope for our future and if we can send them into the world intellectually well armed they will flourish.
In our discussion on liberty, there were questions ranging from abortion to the draft to retribution for violations of an individual's personal liberty (which led into a discussion of the proper role of government). As an engineer who is self-educated on the subject, it provided the equivalent of an intellectual obstacle course, but I am confident that this group could have held its own with a true scholar on the subject.
I am looking forward to next week's class and the challenge that it presents (yes, I actually enjoy a challenge).


  1. Erv ~ thank you for taking your time to present the material and have discussions for the kids (and adults!). We had a great time, learned new things and ended the night with many areas that we need to have more thought and discussion about.
    For a first class I was pleasantly surprised with the kids participation and look forward to the upcoming weeks.

  2. Thank you for teaching the class, Mr. Erv! i have really enjoyed it!