03 June 2010

Back from hiatus

I am back from a hiatus that has renewed my admiration for the medical profession. Those "evil" doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies have made it possible for my wife to function normally again. Seven weeks after going through total knee replacement on both knees, she is up and walking around with a significantly improved range of motion, and reduction in pain, when compared to her pre-surgical condition.
The other item during my hiatus that has renewed my passion, knowledge and respect for The Constitution was a Memorial Day weekend visit with my grand-daughter for her first birthday. She is absolutely gorgeous and I need to insure that this country holds all of the promise for her that it has for previous generations.
My renewed focus brings me to a modification of something that Andrew Wilkow mentions on his show. He talks about the "zero liability voter"; those who do not contribute to the system and only take from it. They have all of the benefits without incurring any of the liability. There is another classification that I would like to put out there for public consumption, the "limited liability voter"; the individuals who preach about saving whatever it is that floats their boats for "future generations" when they have chosen not to procreate (or even adopt). These people have no vested interest in the future generations and therefore don't see an issue saddling them with inordinate amounts of government interference and debt. When they chose to have a vested interest, then they can preach all they want. As for me, I have a picture of my future generation on my cell phone to remind me daily of what it is that I am truly fighting for.

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