23 March 2010

Welcome to the End of the Beginning

Now that the progressives have put their pet legislation into place and think that they have won the fight, it is time to show them that we have not yet begun to fight.
Today, President Obama will sign into law, the great travesty known as the health care bill. It marks the single largest government expansion since the creation of Medicaid/Medicare and it doesn't take a genius to see how that program went. This will destroy real jobs and create more government jobs, it will destroy the individual's ability to make their own health decisions, and it will open the door for nanny state legislation like nobody has ever conceived. This is the single largest step toward socialism that has ever occurred in this country, which I remind you, was founded on the rights of individual liberty, not collective good.
But fear not, this is the time for the true patriots to stand up for what they believe. Refuse to accept defeat and make sure that your voice is heard. Do not let the media whores dissuade you with hearsay about what does or does not get said in large crowds or let the condescending political elitists chide you with their supposed victory. They may have won the battle, but we will win the war. We have truth (real factual truth, not the popular opinion crap) and justice (once again, the real thing, not some happy utopian construct) on our side.
Truth: As soon as you call the product of someone else's labor a right, you have crossed the line to slavery and/or involuntary servitude. I don't care if you are talking about the services of a doctor or the taxes being stolen from each and every American worker every day to pay for someone else's crap, it is slavery.
Justice: Justice being the receipt of what is earned, either positive or negative, is what is now due the political elitists in Washington. It is time to give them what they have so vibrantly earned, a trip to unemployment. Keep in mind that they all have lobbyist jobs lined up when we vote them out, so we have to focus on voting in individuals who believe in limited (severely limited) government as that is the only way to strip them of the power they so vehemently seek.

18 March 2010

Quick update on Walt Minnick - Rep. ID(1)

In a previous post I had mentioned that Mr. Minnick was a Democrat that actually voted in favor of his constituents. I am officially and publicly withdrawing that sentiment. Open Congress has Walt Minnick listed as one of the co-sponsors of HR3590, the Senate version of the Health Care fiasco. I am disappointed that he duped me into believing that he was a real statesman and not simply another politician.
I will now do my level best to insure that he does not see a second term.

17 March 2010

They must think you're stupid

Yes, I stooped so low as to use one of President Obama's campaign slogans as the title of a post, but nothing else fits quite so well. The leadership of the Democratic party is so enthralled with their health care bill that they are resorting to any means necessary to get it through Congress and onto the President's desk.
Senate Majority Leader Reid "amended" the bill that came out of the House of Representatives by replacing all of the text in the bill. Then he proceeded to buy votes of individual Senators by inserting "special dispensation" for states to insure that the appropriate senators would vote in the affirmative.
Speaker of the House Pelosi has stated "you'll find out what is in the bill after you vote for it". Has she lost her mind? A bill that takes over one sixth of the US economy to the tune of $1T and she doesn't want anyone to read it until after it's been passed. What happened to transparency? Any member of the House of Representatives that allows this bill to be voted on without reading it should be run out of office in November. I don't care which party they belong to.
Now, they are going for the "Slaughter Solution". Some under-handed trick to get the bill through the House of Representatives without it ever being voted on with some procedural gimmick known as the "self executing rule". Steny Hoyer said "I don't think any American, real American, out there is going to make a distinction between the two." when asked if the Slaughter Solution was an appropriate replacement for a full chamber vote. I have news for you Mr. Hoyer, most Americans don't like this bill and "real Americans" understand that the Constitution was designed to make it slow and painful for legislation to get through the Congress to insure that there was sufficient debate and discourse.
What we have here is a political class intent on controlling every aspect of our lives. Health care is their inroad to total control. Keep in mind that once they are paying for your health care, it is inevitable that they will start dictating what you can eat, how much you must exercise, whether or not you can smoke, and at what age you are no longer a "sound investment". Remember the book and movie "Logan's Run" where you were implanted with a timer when you were born and at the age of 35 or 40 your timer turned red and you submitted yourself to be "recycled". Pick up the book or rent the movie some time and see what nationalized health care eventually leads to. I intend to live until nature decides that I am done, not a politician.

04 March 2010

The debate is over?

The statement "the debate is over" seems to be gaining popularity with the political elite in this country. It started with Al Gore and the global warming issue (notice it's now "global climate change") and now the president is playing the same card with health care. This is akin to a child having a tantrum, sticking their fingers in their ears, and going "la la la". It is not only childish, it fosters an environment of divisiveness and context dropping when attempting to have an honest debate. In this environment, anyone who disagrees with your position automatically becomes a naysayer, denier, or better yet, if you are a member of a recognized minority class, you get to play the racism card. It is simply not conducive to constructive debate. The definition of debate is "formal, oral confrontation between two individuals, teams, or groups who present arguments to support opposing sides of a question, generally according to a set form or procedure". That does not describe what we have seen to date on either of the aforementioned subjects since the opposing viewpoint is derided as opposed to being encouraged.
Let's start with the global warming crowd and their claim that the debate is over. First and foremost, scientific debate is never over. New data leads to new models which lead to new discoveries. Anyone who makes the claim that there is nothing left to debate is admitting that they have chosen to stop thinking, to stop integrating new data into the model, and to start acting based on emotion. Scientists, engineers, and anyone else who values the ability of the human mind should take offense at that statement, whether they agree with the stated conclusion or not, as it is an open statement declaring that you should quit thinking. It is akin to the Wizard of Oz; "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".
More disturbing is the president's claim yesterday that the debate on health care is over when there was never an actual debate. The supposed debate was really a volley of out of context sound bites with no serious discussion of details or, more importantly, pretexts. The bill that the President, Speaker of the House, and Senate Majority leader are pushing has a price tag of $1 Trillion dollars. Let's put that in perspective a little, that is the combined net worth of the 373 richest people in America today (source: Fortune 400), or to make it more personal, $3278 per person in the USA. When you take that same number and apply it to number of households, which is the easiest way to account for children, it works out to $7182 per tax return. Doesn't really sound like much unless you are willing to have an extra $138 come out of your paycheck every week. How can you claim that you can spend $1 trillion of the taxpayer's money (that's right, it's ours, not yours) based on what I like to call "the sound bite tango" without a lengthy, open, and honest debate?
Bottom line is that politicians in this country gave up debating major legislation over 40 years ago with the last 20 years going downhill at an ever increasing pace. We have achieved the fears of The Founding Fathers where the political class is dictating legislation and appointing unelected officials with the power to make laws. This is a travesty and an insult to the electorate. The only way to save this country now is for all of the people who still believe that this is the greatest country on the planet because it was founded on the rights and responsibilities of the individual to get candidates who; understand The Constitution as written, and believe that it is their job to represent their constituents, through the primary elections. This is where the biggest hurdle for the true fiscally responsible politicians lies. The DNC and RNC both want to maintain the status quo where they get to dictate to the American people and line their pockets with lobbyist cash while they hand out favors. They do not want people of conviction in their congress, but it is time to remind them that it is our congress, not theirs.