28 December 2009

Starting the New Year early

As the new year approaches, I have decided to start putting my thoughts and ideas out for public consumption. At the top of the page is a reference to Sumner's essay. You can find the entire essay at this link. If you take the time to read it, you will understand the title of this blog a little better.
I spent 20 years with my nose to the grindstone, building a career and raising a family. A few years ago, I started truly paying attention to what was happening in this country and I did not like what I saw. Since that time, I have resolved to educate myself on liberty, individual freedom and responsibility, and true free market capitalism. My posts will focus primarily on those items pointing out the fallacies in public policy. I realize that there are a million other bloggers out there doing the same thing, but that is a good thing. This is how true grass roots movements start.

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