26 March 2012

Return from a year of "other" endeavors

It has been nearly a year since my last blog posting, during which time I thought I had found the appropriate group of like-minded individuals to committ my time to. It was time well spent as I learned numerous items, but did not find myself in agreement with the methods that they were pursuing, hence I struck out on my own yet again.
In my wanderings and readings I have discovered a method that appears to be something I can agree with whole-heartedly. That method is "voluntaryism". A couple of years ago, I had read Auberon Herbert's "Voluntaryist Creed" and found it to be quite compelling. Little did I realize that I was still shaking off the programming of my past. Discovery of Carl Watner's Voluntaryist website has reaffirmed my conviction that the only way out of the quagmire that we find ourselves in is one mind at a time. That will be the direction of this blog going forward.
If I can wake up one or two minds a year, I will be doing well. My stretch goal will be one mind a month.
The next post will include a reading list that I believe to be essential to awakening minds from the slumber that they have been placed into by the indoctrination system (for the uninitiated, I mean the education system) and the media that blasts us with their version of the "accepted" truth.
The one challenge that I pose to any reader is to evaluate the content presented here critically. If you find what you believe to be an erroneous statement, please point it out and we can debate it to a logical conclusion. I recognize challenges to be opportunities to expand my knowledge and/or solidify my position.

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