23 March 2010

Welcome to the End of the Beginning

Now that the progressives have put their pet legislation into place and think that they have won the fight, it is time to show them that we have not yet begun to fight.
Today, President Obama will sign into law, the great travesty known as the health care bill. It marks the single largest government expansion since the creation of Medicaid/Medicare and it doesn't take a genius to see how that program went. This will destroy real jobs and create more government jobs, it will destroy the individual's ability to make their own health decisions, and it will open the door for nanny state legislation like nobody has ever conceived. This is the single largest step toward socialism that has ever occurred in this country, which I remind you, was founded on the rights of individual liberty, not collective good.
But fear not, this is the time for the true patriots to stand up for what they believe. Refuse to accept defeat and make sure that your voice is heard. Do not let the media whores dissuade you with hearsay about what does or does not get said in large crowds or let the condescending political elitists chide you with their supposed victory. They may have won the battle, but we will win the war. We have truth (real factual truth, not the popular opinion crap) and justice (once again, the real thing, not some happy utopian construct) on our side.
Truth: As soon as you call the product of someone else's labor a right, you have crossed the line to slavery and/or involuntary servitude. I don't care if you are talking about the services of a doctor or the taxes being stolen from each and every American worker every day to pay for someone else's crap, it is slavery.
Justice: Justice being the receipt of what is earned, either positive or negative, is what is now due the political elitists in Washington. It is time to give them what they have so vibrantly earned, a trip to unemployment. Keep in mind that they all have lobbyist jobs lined up when we vote them out, so we have to focus on voting in individuals who believe in limited (severely limited) government as that is the only way to strip them of the power they so vehemently seek.

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