17 March 2010

They must think you're stupid

Yes, I stooped so low as to use one of President Obama's campaign slogans as the title of a post, but nothing else fits quite so well. The leadership of the Democratic party is so enthralled with their health care bill that they are resorting to any means necessary to get it through Congress and onto the President's desk.
Senate Majority Leader Reid "amended" the bill that came out of the House of Representatives by replacing all of the text in the bill. Then he proceeded to buy votes of individual Senators by inserting "special dispensation" for states to insure that the appropriate senators would vote in the affirmative.
Speaker of the House Pelosi has stated "you'll find out what is in the bill after you vote for it". Has she lost her mind? A bill that takes over one sixth of the US economy to the tune of $1T and she doesn't want anyone to read it until after it's been passed. What happened to transparency? Any member of the House of Representatives that allows this bill to be voted on without reading it should be run out of office in November. I don't care which party they belong to.
Now, they are going for the "Slaughter Solution". Some under-handed trick to get the bill through the House of Representatives without it ever being voted on with some procedural gimmick known as the "self executing rule". Steny Hoyer said "I don't think any American, real American, out there is going to make a distinction between the two." when asked if the Slaughter Solution was an appropriate replacement for a full chamber vote. I have news for you Mr. Hoyer, most Americans don't like this bill and "real Americans" understand that the Constitution was designed to make it slow and painful for legislation to get through the Congress to insure that there was sufficient debate and discourse.
What we have here is a political class intent on controlling every aspect of our lives. Health care is their inroad to total control. Keep in mind that once they are paying for your health care, it is inevitable that they will start dictating what you can eat, how much you must exercise, whether or not you can smoke, and at what age you are no longer a "sound investment". Remember the book and movie "Logan's Run" where you were implanted with a timer when you were born and at the age of 35 or 40 your timer turned red and you submitted yourself to be "recycled". Pick up the book or rent the movie some time and see what nationalized health care eventually leads to. I intend to live until nature decides that I am done, not a politician.

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