17 April 2010

Product of my upbringing

I received an e-mail from my brother the other day, which he sent after being in Afghanistan for 5 days of a 365 day tour. We are not close, never really have been, but I am proud to be his brother nonetheless. The note has a line in it that exemplifies our upbringing; "Remember that I wanted to do this.  Don't feel bad for me or my family." That is the type of man my parents raised. No pity, no remorse, just getting the job done and supporting his family.
That being said, while he is doing his duty in Afghanistan, I will be doing mine on the home front. I am going to make sure that he has something worth protecting and that our kids have a country that they can be proud to live in. We are The United States of America, not the European Union, Red China, or any other collectivist nation on the planet. We are a nation of free men who intend to stay that way. The oath taken by military members includes "defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic". While he is taking care of the foreign ones, I will deal with the domestic ones.
I am hereby serving notice to all of the feeders at the public trough, individuals and corporations, that you are on the list. You are domestic enemies of The Constitution and will be called out for what you are. For those of you that think that feeding from the same trough is acceptable, you make the list too.
For those of you that will be way too quick to play the race card, I would like you to consider the following; During a conversation the other night about people claiming that I might have a particular issue with people of a certain race, my son came up with one of the most astute statements that I have ever heard him make. He said, "Dad, anyone that knows you knows that you only judge people by the color of their work ethic". That will make a dad proud.
Those of us that believe that this country is great because of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution are now serving notice to all of the domestic European Socialists, Marxists, and Statists in general that we are not going to allow this to continue any more. Hopefully, I can make my dad proud as well.

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